Virtual Communion Information

To prepare for the Lord’s Supper, first you need elements. They can be as spectacular or ordinary as you like: Bake your grandmother’s favorite bread recipe or grab a box of crackers. Open a bottle of wine you’ve been saving or turn on the faucet. The elements themselves are not what make communion special – it is God’s grace and activity as we remember together. 

After the elements have been selected, you might think about what cup and plate to use. You may choose something unique, filled with history and memory or your everyday place settings. Jesus used what was available to him at the time, and God made sure it was enough. It’s what God does: makes the ordinary, holy. 

Though we are spread across the state of Oklahoma, we are still united at one table; whether you prepare the dining room with candles or use a well-loved TV tray. When we commune together, we are reminded of the great cloud of witnesses that surrounds us. Somehow, even Christ himself is present whenever and wherever we celebrate the Eucharist. The important thing about this meal is not the elements themselves, but God’s physical grace that is offered to us at the table.

We look forward to celebrating communion together as a congregation. Please, join us.

For more information about the theology and polity of practicing virtual communion, read about it here.